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Search Provider

Save Money

We are actively looking for opportunities to save costs by filling the need for search engines that groups might otherwise purchase.

If you have a system or application that requires search functionality, contact us to see if we can help your group.

Save Time

With more content than ever in our search index, we make it faster and easier to find resources and content throughout the company. Instead of manually digging through file shares or SharePoint sites, you can simply search from right here.

Starting Points


Starting Points are highlighted links to sites that are authoritative at the top of search results pages. Anyone can suggest a Starting Point by clicking on the Suggest a Starting Point link at the top of every search results page. Clicking this link will pre-populate the suggestion form with the search term you used.

Boeing Library Services manages the Starting Point database, which contains more than 8,000 terms.

Register a Site

Register a Website

To regsiter a public website, use our legacy registration tool to add your site.

Register a Site

Register a File Share or Other Content

To register content other than a website, send an email to our Group Mailbox:

Register a File Share

Register a SharePoint Site

SharePoint sites can also be added using our legacy registration tool, but before our crawlers can access your site, you will need to grant read access to our service account.

To do this, open the Site Actions menu and select Site Permissions. Then, add nw\svcsearch to the Viewers group.

Register a SharePoint Site