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About Us

Meet the Team

Cool Guy 1


As manager of the Web Technologies group, Scott has provided strategic direction for search at Boeing since 2005.

Cool Lady 1

Business Liaison

Sonya collaborates with customers for cost savings by replacing redundant search engines and finding new search opportunities.

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System Architect

Mark brings 25 years of tactical search knowledge to the team, with experience at Boeing, Microsoft, and other companies.

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System Administrator

"Aussie Dave" manages the day-to-day operations of the search engine itself, helping ensure reliable service to our users.

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Software Engineer

Thanh applies his expertise in a variety of programming languages to building custom back-end solutions for our user interface.

Cool Lady 2

Project Manager

Jillian helps keep our team organized and on track, as well as communicating our project status to upper management.

Cool Guy 5

Software Engineer

John works with our advanced customers to provide custom search frameworks, solutions, and documentation.

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Graphic Designer

Matt's creativity helps bring a fresh, modern look to our user interface and marketing materials.

David Baughman

Web Designer

David leads the user interface design effort, with the goal of providing an awesome user experience.

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Search Cadet

As an ITCFP participant, Rob focuses on development efforts and proof-of-concept work with open source technologies.

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Search Reservist

Lee built and test several back-end tools for our team to use, including web analytics, open source search, and cloud storage.

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Search Reservist

Michael helped design the new user interface from the ground up, as well as the front-end of our internal status monitor.

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Search Reservist

Phill bent his programming expertise to help build our status monitor, in addition to keeping several critical applications functioning.

Annual Metrics

Our search engine collects anonymous data about the searches performed on our site. These metrics are used internally only, and help us with capacity planning, usability improvements, and general information.

If you have any questions about our metrics, please contact us for additional information.

Infographic of search statistics from 2011
Infographic of search statistics from 2010

Site Design


The latest W3C Standard for HTML offers new semantic elements which make web page code much easier to interpret. Additionally, there are new elements which simplify functions which were previously very complicated (such as embedded video).

We currently use only a few of these new elements, due to support issues for older browsers (which represents the majority of our current user base). However, we have designed our site in such a way to make migration to the newest elements easy, once modern browser support is more prevalent at Boeing.


CSS 3 defines new UI effects, which were previously accomplished with loads of images and JavaScript. We use some of these new effects where possible, but they will only be observed by users with modern browsers.

In general, though, we've tried to avoid to much of a difference between the user experience with older and newer browsers.


Most of our client-side scripts use the jQuery JavaScript library. We chose jQuery because of its ease of use, cross-browser support, and lightweight scripts. These factors, among others, contribute to its vast popularity in the world of modern web design.

Responsive Design

Users with modern browsers (IE9+, FireFox 5+, Chrome, Safari) will notice that the page layout changes slightly as the browser window is changed from very narrow (less than 500px) to wide (greater than 900px). The layout adapts to the screen size to offer the best user experience possible, and is called "responsive" or "adaptive" layout.

This approach makes it so users get a similar user experience, regardless of what their screen size is. As more mobile devices are introduced at Boeing, we are ensuring well beforehand that our site will be usable on those devices.


We are working on a UI update which will make our site run even faster than it does now. This new interface will be built on Twitter's open-source UI framework called Bootstrap.

We highly recommend Bootstrap for intermediate to advanced web developers at Boeing. Be sure to get a non-standard approval as necessary (includes optional jQuery scripts which will need to be approved per project).